Symptoms of Maturity
2011-11-10 @ 12:48:04
The thinnest line between us
grew thicker
Because I've never wanted that
to happen
To feel the rush of stream on my shoulders
when I only wanted to drift unwittingly.

You and I grew apart
Because none of us would accept the fact
That everybody changes no matter
how many times
you put your toothbrush into your cup
everyday invariably, as if it didn't matter.

You and I grew apart
Because when I listen to those songs
They don't fire my imagination
As if it was a child's tool
Now I'm building the life of my own.

You and I grew apart
Because if it hadn't happened
I would still be there standing with my arms
lain down
Because that's the way it goes
and neither of us know why
but that Previous Me says I should find my place.
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