more mistakes to come
2012-12-24 @ 13:26:30
Guess I'll never learn. You do something, you realize it's the most excruciating thing you've ever done and when time lets you forget about it, you do it again. How stupid.
It's the coldest December of my life I think. I thought this is gonna be nice and you know, warm like always this time of the year when it's Christmas. However, the thing is I don't feel like Christmas at all. I've got no love to keep me warm. He is but it's like we're a thousand miles apart. Now, I'm thinking about what I should've done long time ago. It gets balls to do this and I've never had them...
So I'm just going to shrivel in piece, wrapped in my blanket with a cup of coffee and try not to worry too much about everything. I'm not in love anymore and don't know how to tell this to a man who I loved for so many years.
It's like a broken glass that cannot be fixed. I tried, though. Shame it is only me who did that...
Anyways, Merry Christmas to anyone who's ever gonna read that today.

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