Just kiss me.
2012-01-03 @ 11:18:51
All of the sorrow I felt yesterday now has faded into the background.
Only two months and Spring will enter.
I've almost finished one shitty project that I've been struggling with.
Mornings are good. Took some vitamins and herbs and the world seems less frightening and overwhelming at once.
And Rachael Yamagata's new albums sounds much better than through yesterday chucking of inside monsters.

Now that I know that I am surrounded by people who love me and there is You. My favourite Work of Arts.

I also can not wait for spring! And I am also sick, taking some tablets and I am on sick leave. Plus - I ALSO like work of art ;) You can visit sometimes my blog if you like: www.highheelsinthecity.pl
Hope you will get bettersoon!

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