2013-03-16 @ 21:07:16
I'm basically done here. ;)

I've just read my first blog post. And I realised that I came here because I wanted to improve my English. And so I did.

You can also see my name on the blog mainpage on the left. Because with 86 blog posts I was placed on that list.

And... well, I've kind of... matured. I'm almost 21, I study the language I came here to improve and this is it.

To all the people here: If you want to improve/learn and be good at English just put some effort into doing so, okay? May persistence be always by your side, because as far as learning a language is concerned, it is tremendously important. Write, watch films, listen to the songs, be curious, and smile 'cause with every day You are becoming more and more fluent.

Take care and thanks for all the comments and views. :)

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