"Les Misérables" - deserves Oscar(s)
2013-01-29 @ 21:10:16
There is a feeling, a pleasant emotion that lingers inside of me after I watch a very good film. Every time, without exception.

And so today I've watched "Les Misérables" and I have to admit that I'm definitely impressed. There is no song now that I'd like to listen to. Why? Because I'm simply under the spell of the soundtrack of the film. So I try to recall this masterpiece, and I want this impression I've got to remain as fresh as it is now.

Honestly, I hope it will win the Oscars. Seriously, 8 nominations? I think the film deserves all of them. Well, I'm willing to believe that every film under the direction of Tom Hooper has to be amazing. Take 'King's Speech', for example. How many Oscars did this film win! How many brilliant and talented actors it starred. It is just impossible not to admire these works.

I strongly recommend You "Les Misérables". This is no ordinary musical. A song follows a song, but there is no feeling of boredom. Instead, a few times the scenes send shivers down one's spine.The costumes, the direction, everything is worth appreciation. It's not that I'm emotional, but I almost shed tears when the moment made me feel that way.

If You have seen the film, just share your opinion below. :) If You haven't - I strongly recommend You watching it. :)

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