Summer of dreams that came true. Visiting London wasn't the only dream I had had.
2012-09-25 @ 23:39:57
In 5 days the new academic year begins. And I have to admit that the holiday I've had have been great, so far.
It has been the holiday when most of my dreams came true. All of us should know what their dreams are, seriously.

And I and I...
I visited London this month and it was amazing! The language, the tube, the museums, the bridges, the culture, everything was, speaking my mind, awesome. The building of Parliament has become embedded into my memory, and the firework show that I had a chance to see, double-decker buses and so on and so forth. :)

And I climbed some mountains, you know. I am a passionate trekker of the Tatras. And this year I managed to climb the most difficult track. Orla Perć if any of You know what I mean. :)

And I travelled some of the Polish cities and I met my friends and I cycled a lot and walked many miles, I caught fireflies, all of it was a real dream of mine that came true.

So brace yourself Poznan for I'm coming back to the city.

And all of You I wish all the best and may all of your dreams come true as well! :)
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