And one of the biggest dreams fo my life
2012-08-25 @ 09:55:34
is about to come true. :)

You know, not everyone has enough money to travel the world. So haven't I. :) But I did saved my money and I tried to deny myself a lot of things -> new clothes, cookies, fancy food when it was the academic year. :)

So, here I am, and I'm so glad and happy because
in 8 days I'll be in the city of London. :)

I know for some of you it's nothing, but believe me, it means a lot to me. :)

What's orthodox and mainstream for us.
2012-08-17 @ 22:54:02
What hurts us and what turns us on.

Teenagers tend to think: 'I'm definitely theodd one. I'm different than the others and my friends love me for WHO I AM'. And they think they're original, how naive is that, isn't it? When they grow up it turns out that the way they used to think is just mainstream. So mainstream that psychologists write books about them and it is no big deal to generalise in this case, right?

And what the future brings for a teenager once they become adults...
... too often is also orthodox and mainstream. How many of us perceive our life-to-be through the opinion of the things most of people do or have? What if it's not YOUR dream to get married and as soon as it's possible have children? What if it's not YOUR dream to have a life-partner? What if it's not YOUR dream to go to a university? What if you DON'T find it essential to get a loan for a car once you're married with children?

I'll tell you what, you are after all, then, the odd one. Once you're an adult and you discover,because after all it's all about the big discovery what really turns you on, that you DON'T WANT TO do this or that what most of people perceive as normal and as crucial to appear in one's life. You are then original and unique, because you chose to do the thing that makes you happy what the others perceive as crazy or disastrous.

And for God's sake, are we really addicted to this one way of living? Because, you know, I feel it too. The more time I spend among my friends the more I feel the impact of the way they live on me. So is it a disease, an addiction, a malady? What is it and why too many of us find it to be the aim of their lives?

It's just that sometime I feel that everything can be or will be questionable. Aren't you bothered by that? How more and more things our ancestors thought of as evil now people accept? It seems to me that for some time it will be legal to deprive a man of his/her life because we had a bad day. And gosh, we will accept that, but w h y?

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By Outlaw:
"It's impossible in Poland to trains have no delay :P"

Me: Well, despite all the evidence in favour of your statement, it happens sometimes that trains aren't delayed. :D Believe me, I'm a student I travel a lot by this means of transport. :D

Take care,
Sitting stuck at the train station in Wrocław.
2012-08-11 @ 01:26:12
And the train is delayed. An One-hour delay.

It's the up-to-date post as I am sitting at the waiting lounge at the trains station. Half of the people is asleep. I can hear a couple talking English with each other. But I try not to overhear things deliberately, you know. :)

People are tired. Some of them try to find a pastime, anything, because waiting for the right train, night train might be tiresome.

Some locals from time to time come here with the music on aloud. It is frustrating, come on, wear headphones or go away! I'd like to shout at them. But I can't.

An one-hour delay for my train back home. It's 1:22 AM.

Some homeless people are here as well. They stink of alcohol.

It's funny that people have the ability to sleep irrespective of the position -> straight on the chair, half-laying on the bench, even on the floor, covered with some kind of coverlet.

All of us are waiting. The battery in my laptop is not fully charged.

It's a little bit funny. :) Writing the things I've got in my head right now, without thinking without planning. :)

I hope none of your trains will ever be delayed. :)
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