Hi! One question for You!
2012-07-31 @ 20:58:58
Yes, this is You I'm writing to!

I just thought about my last post, and You, please, raise your voice:

Do You believe in love?
What it should be like? In a draft. ;)
We could be happy.
2012-07-14 @ 03:37:59
About regrets we all seem to have.

How passing an ex-partner on the street might ruin your day and make you wonder, which brings you to regretting. Sometimes bumping into the ex-lover is not a trigger of regretting, but the memories and feelings that never die are to blame.

Despite some say that nothing lasts forever, many more people realised that feelings are eternal.

And so, we have loved, we love, and sometimes we hope to love and be loved again. But how?

If there was a person with who we used to spend so much time, and now he/she is gone? Months pass after we end a relationship when the truth comes out. The truth we get to know through the mutual friends of the former relationship. Too often are we informed that the person we were able and we did, in fact, sacrificed a lot for, now, still now, doesn't notice our input in the relationship. Too often are we informed that we were called useless behind our backs.
After all of these nights and days of thinking that we could be happy, finally the truth comes out.

And so what?

We can't change the point of view of a person we were in a relationship with. Because people are egoists and people are blind.

'People throw rocks at things that shine'

Could we be happy with a person we loved but who didn't appreciate it?
No... No, we couldn't. Such a person has to finally realise that in a relationship the number of 'We' outnumbers the number of 'I'.

Will we be happy in the future?
That is still a mystery. Let's hope, after all, there's nothing left.

'cause today we drink for the happiness of all the people who loved and have been hurt.
How often do you feel worn out?
2012-07-12 @ 21:39:37
What can make this feeling relieved?

I've been thinking, since I experienced the feeling of being worn out myself, whether there is something that could relieve it immediately?

But, from the beginning, first there is one thing that has to be done -> the source of the feeling has to be exposed! As for me, the amount of stress that accompanies the examination session took its toll. It is the reason to be blame for the awful feeling.

What is there to do for me to eliminate such a gatecrasher of emotions?
Well, what never disappoints me is sport and activity. The more time I spent glued to the screen, regardless whether it's a TV or a computer, the worse I felt. Therefore, I went out, and you know what? It turned out that I could breathe, finally!

What is there to do for the others?
Well, I believe it is good to KNOW, to be AWARE of the things that ease our worries, inner pain, eliminate stress. It gives us a baseline, and this might be treated as a starting point to discovering the relaxing to its fullest.


PS Thanks for the comments under the previous post. :)
Holiday diary.
2012-07-03 @ 22:43:22
So, first of all I think we should all sleep naked. Yeah, seriously, it is HEALTHY.
It's not that I've read some kind of paper on the Internet, it is reality, so from now on, during the holiday we all sleep naked, okay? :D

Now, my discovery is not the reason why I'm writing this post. You know, I just thought that this might be something special if it will work out. Summer diary. Some thoughts that somehow summarise each and every day of the fist holiday after I stopped being a teenager. If you know what I mean. :D Okay, I'm kinda' trolling, I mean I turned 20, that is why I am not a teenager. We all have big plans for this summer that has just begun, don't we? So maybe we should all write down at the end of the day our thoughts? Even if they seem to be silly or stupid or out of I don't know, out of human cognition. :D In the end we will have some memories to reminisce, the way we thought the world should spin at that particular moment.

Are you with me? :D
Because, you know, my thought of today (3 July) is that we should all sleep naked as long as we can and find it comfortable. Have a go. :D

Take care,
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