2012-04-22 @ 23:29:25
Maybe I'll start writing about a bit controversial facets of human existence? What do You think?
And by 'controversial' I don't mean what You think I do. :)

Let's be honest, nowadays everyone talks about sex, homosexual relationships, wars, abuses of all kinds. True, we find all of the above attractive, so now, maybe I'll make you think about them in a kind of... different way than you used to, huh?
What about telling a story that proves how many of us think that we live extraordinarily, but in fact all our life is stays invariably mainstream.

Write You Soon,
Fool me once again.
2012-04-01 @ 19:58:40
April Fools' Day. How many people's legs have you pulled so far? Plenty? Congratulations.

You know, I think that there is a boundary separating a funny joke from an insulting one and a too serious one.

We don't make jokes about the death of our relatives.
We don't make jokes that hurt people we love. We don't let them worry. No matter what time of the year it is. Even if we call them 20 minutes after to say that it was just a hoax.

With common sense, let's play with a common sense.

Remember that jokes are supposed to be laughed at not to be the reason why some people cry, even if only for the time until you call again to explain the whole issue.


Thanks for the comments under the previous blog post! I'm thankful for them to Peter and to Nobody. :) I see that not all people find facebook a part and parcel of their life, but on the other hand too many of them do. :)

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