To facebook or not to facebook?
2012-03-14 @ 20:18:31
A short explanation I owe you, at the beginning. Yeah, there is no such a verb as 'to facebook', it was made by me purposely for this note.

Okay, a small test for You, now, just to get you in the mood. :)
Have you visited Facebook today?
How long ago did you post the last thing on your wall or on the site?

We all know Facebook, don't we?
Day by day, even if we don't post new things there, we still check. We check what our friends do, we check who changed the relationship status, we check if somebody new 'liked' our update, we check for new party invitations, we check overall.
It's like the site has become our agenda around which revolves our... life.

Don't you think that this facebook-thing is going a bit too far and... out of control?
What is the first thing most of us do after we come back home? Yes, we turn on our computers and type the facebook address. There's no denying that some of us have the site set as the main page of the web browser.
And so we spend minutes and hours checking the updates, whereas we used to go out and meet people! It hurts us when a friend includes in their post some of mutual acquaintance besides us. It hurts us if only few people 'like' our photos. We refuse to see that what hurts us the most is... artificial. It has nothing in common with the life we could be leading right now, because it's in the cyberspace.

Is this how our lives are supposed to look like?
Because if that's true then I... then that's it, I quit, I'm moving on.

So, now it's you I'm asking:
To facebook or not to facebook?
Choose for yourself. ;)

Take care,
Dream on, dream on... wait, what?
2012-03-09 @ 23:27:31
I've watched 'Pretty woman' today. We all know the story, huh? A plot about a contemporary Cinderella, or, not quite so... okay, let me be straightforward here.
Shall I proceed?
So, there is this story about a contemporary courtesan-cinderella-like. And she gets her dreams come true, though her life few days ago didn't seem to be at the turning point.
And, of course, the story ends well, she meets an affluent man who wants her to spend a week with him. Yeees, she agrees, is his date at the business meetings and then, the week is at the end. But 6 days are enough to fall in love. Of course, mutually. That's right, the story ends well, they do not part, but live, of course, happily ever after.

Feeling like dreamers right now?

Okay, so now stop daydreaming and get down from above the ground.
It won't happen to you.
No, no, I'm serious.
We can dream on, of course.
And we can do, as well. So, action now!
Don't agree to take everything that life has for you. You get to pick, so do it. Choose the best options among the others. Don't be afraid to lose.
And, don't dream on, but live on. ;)

I finally know why!
2012-03-07 @ 20:50:03
Hello, hello.
Today, I've got the answer (and it's really, really THE ANSWER :D Beware!) to one of the questions tagged: 'what's eating us inside'. ;)

Or... maybe it's just about me.

Anyway, the question is, surprise, surprise: 'WHY don't successful people mention in they biographies, and in the interviews the downfalls and failures they've encountered while reaching the career ladder?
But before I write here THE ANSWER, let me quickly move to a kind of related case;
You know why we look up to THESE people, right?
Yep, we are jealous of their happy, fulfilling life.
Aaaaand, you know that all we need to do is just scratch the surface to see that the way up to the top wasn't that easy for them as we might have assumed. They are successful now, though.

Do you know what they do?

They bear in mind that the most important thing they can do is forgetting about the failures and downfalls /with the lessons learnt, you know/, is living right here, right now. Of course, they've got plans for the future, their dreams to-be-reached-yet, but they don't despair if something goes wrong. They don't cry over the spilt milk, instead, they try to find the appropriate solution if they fall into troubles. They don't simply mention their past shortcomings because they do not want to fall into despair. And that's what reminiscing and over-analising does to people. I don't mean here that we should hold off on being melancholic, on being humane. What I'm trying to explain is that the most important in our lives is and always will be, nothing but our personal success.

So if you look at your reflection in the mirror thinking that you are on the right track, and that you've already done/achieved a lot, congratulations. You're probably a young and healthy person, happy with who you are.

You know, your personal success is more significant than this visible outside while inside crying.

Take care and,
don't get me wrong. ;)
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