2012-02-10 @ 13:02:28
I woke up this morning thinking: 'let's change something'. It might be a small habit that takes some time in my life, that I spend money on, I thought: 'Well, maybe it's good to try to quit one of my small addictions, why not? Just as a matter of an experiment'.
Because, I really need to do it. Maybe one small thing will change my life greatly, what if? Maybe committing 30 minutes a day to, well, let's say, to a walk will make a difference.
After all, it shouldn't be that hard to change one little thing. Later it will turn out how much impact it had on my life.

Sooooo, I'll try to give up sweets! Yaaaay! :D Seriously, I'm totally addicted, but step by step, I think I might make it.

Maybe some of you, people, should try it too? A small thing to start from? We can try to take little steps, and so step by step one day, one day we will wake up as a completely different person, maybe even better?

Let's try! :)
"Broken people get recycled, and I hope that I will..."
2012-02-03 @ 00:04:36
About bad times, because:
"Sometimes we're thrown off our pathways"

You know, everything seemed fine at the beginning of the academic year. I started it feeling fearless. At the same time plenty of freshman students cried their eyes out, because of loneliness, because of uncertainty whether they were going to make it or not. I wasn't among them. 4 months later, now, I'm not that sure about anything.
Honestly, I have no idea
what to do
with myself.
I've simply got lost.
"See the rock that you hold onto
is it gonna save you
when the Earth begins to crumble
why'd you feel
you have to hold on
imagine if you let go"
Countless thoughts in my mind.
Would you say it back then? I changed my goals. Once I had them all there, on a list, the only thing left was to pursue them.
Now, now I don't have anything. Seem to be pursuing invisible. Or maybe seeking, yes, it must be it, I am seeking my new goals.

Here comes the flood that no one is to blame for.

"Don't trust your eyes
it's easy to belive them
know in your heart
that you can leave the prison"

I've just come here to make you aware, that such things as getting lost, ending up in the middle of nowhere, they, they jusy happen. You cannot be sure when, it's just that 'sometimes we ARE thrown off our pathways', we choose wrong, we aren't ready to attempt certain steps.

However, there has to be the answer, somewhere. Just has to.

And when I find it, you will see it. Bear in mind, being lost is not incurable disease. It might last long, maybe even too long for a casual person to survive, but it passes.

The answer has to be in the heart.
Everytime this situation occurs, seek it there.

Now, it's time for me to pick up the pieces.

Take care,
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