New Days Resolutions
2012-12-14 @ 00:50:29
At the end of every year the majority of people decides to change *something* in their lives. All the resolutions are usually abandoned few days later. However, there are some changes that actually take place permanently in our cosy house of not-changing-the-safe-position. Usually all the people tend to set their goals after a bad event, which becomes deeply embedded into their memory. And this is what this post will be about - the changes, the aims, and goals we actually achieve as a result of living by trial and error.

All one needs to do is to think for a moment. Think, but not about the pleasant things; these we take as they come, but it's what hurts us that evokes our innermost thoughts, thoughts about a change. It might strike when least expected. The reason is that it's impossible to see through one another's mind. And people tend to overreact and judge definitely too quickly. What I'm driving at is that people judge the others hot-headedly, as a result the innocent gets hurt. And when a person is a victim of such an action, he/she decided to change something, and these changes, in turn, work out.

And so people decide:
to be more reticent
not to tell the truth
to leave the circle of 'friends' and look for something new as they turned out to be rotten to the core
they decide to be better
to look differently at the world

So what was your latest New Day Resolution?

My story goes like this:
I don't stick to people love complaining and decolour all that is vivid in the world.
Therefore, I move aside and look for the ones who try to be optimists or at least are not hypocritical.
I move aside off people who talk behind the others' backs. Therefore, I try to be nicer.

And the thought for today completely unrelated to the post: Every met stranger is like a new born hope.
Respect me vs respect me not = please help. Am I right?
2012-12-03 @ 23:26:30
On sharing a flat with the other student and sharing a room.

Do you share the flat with the others? Or a room with someone else? What I'm driving at is the fact that there is a list of rules we have to obey, even though no one has ever written them down, isn't it? So when sharing a room in one flat we are aware, more or less, of what to do and what is unacceptable.

Just imagine. You share a room with a person who doesn't clear up. What do you do then? You try to talk and sort it out, you try to be patient and understand that your roommate might not necessarily see a problem in the issue as a whole. And after you do that, it occurs to him/her that he/she has to respect you, as you respect him/her.

Okay, but what if after some short period of time the situation reoccurs?
Do you try to apply the method of repeating until a person gets it? Or do you have your own way of solving this kind of problems?

After all, it all comes down to respecting each others. We tend to think, perhaps too naively, that the person with whom we compare the room will pay us back. So if we try, them try. If we clean, they clean. If we are try to be as quiet as possible while they're learning or sleeping they will do the same for us in turn.

But what if they don't?
What if one day this whole respecting-thing stops? What method would you choose to apply?

Because You see, I do respect the others, I do respect them as much as I can. And I'm not paid back. Or at least I stopped being respected.

And I don't like this sick atmosphere of talking behind my back, and I'm not strong enough to argue, what for? If I can't come to an agreement peacefully, what is the purpose in shouting and being angry? I'd rather move out.
What do You think ?
What's eating You?
2012-12-02 @ 23:20:53
Sometimes all we need is a walk in the park. Is it funny? Is it funny that we tend to have such funny cravings?

Usually the majority of us is greed afflicted, if I may say so. The more we have, the more we want. And if we can't get what we want we become more and more frustrated, fatigued, vulnerable to all of the external factors.

It's easy to get lost in our cravings, isn't it?

All of us suffer from it. I don't think there are exceptions, to be honest.

In a relationship,
too often we are unsatisfied with the one we're with. Time passes and we become more likely to perceive the beauty of the partner through the prism of the flaws. We expect more, at the same time forgetting that we don't give that much either.

In a career,
Oh, how many of us wants to achieve more and more. And it's good. It's good if we want to develop ourselves and we invest in our future. The thing is, too often we pay in our health, in our life, in our dreams of a different kind.

The more we have the more we want.

Although it might not be seen at first glance, we are greedy creatures. Isn't it the name of the worm who's eating you inside?


We hurt the ones we love because we are dissatisfied with ourselves.
Because instead focusing on ourselves we look at the people who are better than us, and we compare ourselves with them.

But let's face it, and maybe there's gonna be a hope for us.

We can't gain the world.

But we still can, step by step appreciate the things we have, try to see the good in the others, forget and forgive, and breath, breathe in the life that is a gift.

Achieve, be successful, but measure success not by your wealth but by your happiness and satisfaction.
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