Constraints. In the name of...?
2012-11-26 @ 00:06:08
In the name of... what?

There's no time.
The clock is ticking.
There's no time.

Rush, rush, rush.

There's no time nowadays
for love, for eating in peace, for relaxing, for doing something for yourself. We've become prisoners of goods, of artificial welfare, prisoners of ourselves. The society - those who are present in our lives every day, impose on us rules. Their expectations, our expectations, all the expectations mix altogether. 'Behave yourself' you scold yourself. 'What will the others think?' - the question that appears in our minds too often.

All the imposed rules on ourselves, all the constraints of every-day, all of the thoughts of the things that remain to be done, all of that surrounds us, because we let it be present in our lives.
And ALL of that in the name of what?

What makes us behave in this way? Day by day we become deprived of our individuality.
And ALL of that in the name of what?

Maybe we should
give ourselves 10 minutes a day.
Maybe we should use this time thinking about nothing at all, clearing all the mind from the thoughts? It's no that easy after all. 10 minutes thinking about nothing at all, turning down the voice of reason in your head, the voice of 'here and now' even, finding yourself in a total silence of nothingness.

And in the nothingness we shall see. And slow down.

In the name of life.
Our life we shall slow down.
The art of making the wrong choice.
2012-11-17 @ 00:48:16
Have you ever wondered what would it be like right now if you hadn't made that one decision in your life?
Sit with me for a while, play some soothing music and let us relax a bit and revive some nice memories of the past, for the time has come to ponder on a bit, to think for a while, to ask some 'what-if' questions, which you know you need, you need to state a hypothesis from time to time, the hypothesis that won't do you any good, in fact. And you know it's all about your nature. Posing questions whose answers there's no use to look for. Thinking over and over again, daydreaming, you know you don't need all of that. But you want to. And that is a fact we all have in common.

There's no way we could separate our 'here&now' from 'back then'. For the past made us who we are now. And the choices we make now are shaped by our experience. And our experience stems from the past itself. It's indestructible, the trees, the plants with the fruit of our 'present' have the roots deeps in the ground of the 'past' thanks to which they exist.

A cup of coffee is all we need now. Or a nice tea. Some soothing relaxing music. And here we go. We embark on a trip to our interior world known only to us, to our desert island called 'through my eyes seen'. And after we revive a single memory another one is made alive again. Not a second passes by when our picture of what used-to-be begins to colour itself. And suddenly there's no music playing in the ground for once again we live what has already been lived. We hear the lively, sometimes rumbling, though, conversations, we hear the laughter, we taste the tears once again. Until tired of it all we go to sleep.

And when we wake up the next day, we are sure of who we are for it's the past that made us who we are.

And we start another day, a gift, because we are alive, and in fact, it's we who can still change the world. :)
About 70% of your thoughts...
2012-11-03 @ 23:22:45
... are composed of the moments you design, you create, of the situations that have never happened and may never happen in the future, these are your memories of situations that never occurred never took place. That is a fact, ladies and gentleman, you, dear reader, are not the only one. :)

And I believe there are too many of people, daydreamers, who caught themselves red-handed thinking that they might actually achieve most of the successes they tend to think about if they just decided to take action, to set about doing *it* whatever *it* might be.

Want to find love?
Go out and meet people, be open-minded. Lead nonsense conversations, after all, everywhere you might find a long lost spark, an incentive that will change something in your life.

Want to be educated?
Learn, invest in yourself.

Want to have a career?
At least apply for the job you want to have. And if you have it, do your best.

Want to have the time of your life?
Go out, go out and live. If you prefer reading to living, read, but if you find it tiring stop and go out, talk to strangers, listen to music and look for your own interpretations of the lyrics or of the notes!

After all, it's the only one life that we've got.

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By milaa:"This song by Farben Lehre came to my mind after reading your note: Both, song and your note, give possitive energy ;)"
My response: Thanks a lot! I actually liked the song and indeed there is a lot of positive energy in it!

By Aaa:
"I think it's too late for me...:))"
My response: You think it's too late for you to change something? Ha, ha, so You are a person,one of the billions who mastered the ability of complaining and standing in the corner, waning in the others' eyes who actually at least try.

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