Hi! My name is Kate and ...
2012-10-05 @ 22:01:10
... I'm 20 years old, and I've been wearing braces for a couple of days. Which makes me new in the field... of research. :D If this was the anonymous braces-wearer's club and I was a new member how would You greet me? :D

Changes, changes.
The fact is, we can think about everything or nothing. We can design our life in our heads. We can create whole worlds while we're having a lucid dream. But it's not the matter, is it?

The thing is, we want to do, not to think. :) So we pay, we pay in order to be paid off one day. :)
We learn because we want to find a good job.
We take many extra courses in order to be given a promotion.
We work in order to collect money.
We collect money to afford different things.

Step by step we try to make our lives better.

So if you haven't started yet, I think it's high time you made up your mind and open your eyes to see that it doesn't take that much to live a dream.


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