You probably have no idea...
2012-01-31 @ 22:19:37
... how many things will change in your life, nobody knows. However, numerous of them are being modified, and will be developed or eliminated over and over again.

The key is to find yourself.

So I wish You good luck

As a student, who didn't really think that life would change so much.

And now I now
I know that I will never return once and for all to my hometown. Why?
everything's changing

Now that I am a student, I lead my life 500km away from hometown, and I know, I am sure that I'm not coming back.

One more thing before I forget, it was worth it, the prize is well worth the effort.

A message for you: Risk, every time you evaluate the possible outcome as precious, just reach for it.

Take care,
Life moves on... too quickly?
2012-01-26 @ 22:45:17
Day after day, night after night, time flies.
Is it good or bad?
What does it mean to you?

There is a particular moment in our lives, the moment when we realise how little time we have. When time passes too fast, we try to catch the moments,each of them, to do the things we are to do, and we want to do. We try to live all right, we try without actually seeing that there is nothing more we can do.

You live, you try.
Trying equals living.

Don't you ever give up on trying.
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