I like watching films, but I don't really enojoy watching how the love dies.
2011-09-30 @ 23:49:58
Once life taught me that there usually is a reason. Even if somebody refuses to speak, or denies to admit his weakness.
Hidden inside, inner pain can strike you down.

It's not a matter of crying your heart out. But it's a matter of speaking the truth. The thing is, we need to communicate, to ask the people we love how they feel. Compassion - the ingredient that needs to exist in every relationship, can save many lives, many people. It can change the good part of who they really are. If you only pay some attention to the words people say, you probably won't have to watch how your love dies.

I do, quite enjoy watching films, but I don't really like watching how the love dies.

Feelings should be mutual.
Mine - aren't.

So, another time, I'll just have to say goodbye to the live I could lead.

Two people walking the same path cannot separate. If one of them falls down, the other one goes into the abyss as well. Only at the bottom, something special that connected the couple breaks. Only then, each of them, can go two different pathways.

Falling is watching how the love dies.

I'm falling. I'm going into the abyss.
Wish you wouldn't feel the same. Ever.
Feelings! Who made them? Who attached them to human race?
2011-09-10 @ 23:44:26
Today I'll use this blog to write about me.

Long-distance relationships
I had never been in favour of them. Until something has gone to my mind, or heart /choose adequate option/ so deeply, that I took a chance so weak, to try to make it work. Work for me and him, of course.
So here I am, 550km away from the one I love. Admitting that I have feelings for a man came not without effort. As I had never wanted to be a person who doesn't has her fate in her hands. The moment when I made a decision to share my life with somebody else, completely crossed out my vision of myself, completely turned my world up-side-down. Because now, I walk my path with somebody else, I've become responsible for him when I said 'yes, let's try'.

There are many obstacles. What if too many to overcome?

And Gosh, who made feelings? Of course, life would be negligible without them.
But feeling longing for the presence of him, almost yearning, is it all worth it? I need to find the answer.
I should have realised it earlier.

Yes, it is worth it. :) As I've never done a thing in my life that wouldn't be thoughtful. Risking is definitely a something that I want to use sometimes. :)

Oh, I've almost forgotten to mention. I moved out from my home and now, currently I'm living in Poznań. I've come here to study at university.
So there is a new life, I'm just at the beginning of it, and there is him.

And what do you think about this quote?

"All changes, even the most longed for have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter another."

Speak up. :)
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