'Tell me now what's love today...'
2011-08-30 @ 23:48:28
Recently I've found myself overwhelmed by feelings, by doubts, by thoughts and so on.

Well, can any of you tell me now what's love today? What does it mean 'to love' to you? Do you think that love is something that needs to appear in everyone's life?

What is love to you?

What is love to me?
Mainly it's a feeling of assurance that you actually want to spend time with the special person. It's a feeling that makes you a better person. It's something that you want to fight for. It's a light when you're in the dark. It gives you wings to fly, but it can strike you down as well.
How to recognise love?
When we're not sure, what then? Is it worth it to try?

Speak up, please. :)
Either you choose to live or to dream. How is it, then?
2011-08-25 @ 15:52:04
It's all about materialising the imagination.

We want the world to be a better place. We want ourselves to be better people.
We dream not only while we're sleeping but also during sleepless nights.

The thoughts, our own, we are the only people that know them.
Many times we find ourselves torn apart between what we want to do and what we've actually done.
There is a decision to make.

Either you choose to live or to dream.

The first option is the one I'm in favour of. Can you join me?
May the defeats make us stronger.
Because the fact is, that the most important thing is to try. Try today. And make a change. :)
I'm coming back home.
2011-08-15 @ 00:14:14
No, there were no distant trips. Although there starts something new, something that will change my whole life.

I've been writing this blog for over a year. I've passed all tests. I've chosen my future path of education.

And here I am.
Waiting for a big shock to come. I'm leaving my current home in 3 weeks. I'll be thrown in at the deep end. What counts is that I can buoy up.

So now, I'm looking at the new beginning of my new life.
In a city where no one knows my name.

It scares and excites me at the same time.

But changes, changes are good. :)
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