Please forgive me, I know not what I do...
2011-07-13 @ 23:59:54
How much can you forgive? Where is the border?

It is good to have this skill, the ability to forgive and forget? It's so important to say 'sorry' although sometiems sorry seems to be the hardest part.
I encourage you to look at your attitude, not only to blame the others, but to think about your actions as well.

Being a person who is critical to herslef is a rare appearance nowadays.

Take care..
Matura results.
2011-07-04 @ 21:51:02
Few days ago I came back from Vienna. I checked my results of Matura exam, here they are:
basic Math: 62%
basic Polish: 91% extended:70%
basic English: 100% extended:94%

It seems to me that my dreams are going to come true, I mean studying English. :)

I hope to write blog posts from time to time too. It helps me keep up to date with English.

My trip to Vienna was perfect. I've spent the best 2 weeks of this year's holiday. ^^

Happy as I am, I wish you all the best. Take care and relax. :)
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