"Time telling me to say farewell... "
2011-06-19 @ 12:45:03
"... but I knew that I'd fight hell
and I know we will..."

My honeys. I need to say goodbye to you, but only for about 2 weeks. As I mentioned before, I'm leaving you on 20th June. Vienna is the place I'm heading for. :)

Today's post is not only an information about my short vacation abroad.

I wanted to write something about goodbyes. Well, you have to wait for this special post, I need to thinks some things over and then, I will write about farewells. ;)

Tak care!
Enjoy your holidays!

BTW It's good to listen to Sting while it's raining outside. So if somebody would like to taste his music, I strongly recommend these three songs: "Fields of gold", "Shape of my heart", "The pirat's bride".
It's June, June afternoon. :)
2011-06-11 @ 14:31:22
I'm spending my time meeting with friends, cycling, doing nothing. A bit drowsy today, I'm coming to my odd job, at 5:00 pm.

Yesterday I turned 19. :) On next Saturday, I'm going to have a fire or just a barbecue. Everything hasn't been set yet. My friends and me will sing some songs sitting by the fire, and feeling good. :D :)

I'm leaving you on 19th June, for 2 weeks. The place I'm heading for is Vienna. :) Wish me luck.

By the end of June, I will have got the results of Matura exam. I hope that I've passed and got a good result.

Take care!
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