Who are you, dear reader, dear writer?
2011-04-28 @ 23:30:55
Between Ego and alter ego.
I am a person who writes here her thoughts, her notes. I can tell that I am exactly a person you think of while reading this blog. I can easily switch my topics of conversations to a different ones. I can laugh with you and cry with you, in a real life as well as here. But I've met some people in my life, and I could confront the things they write about, the person they seem to be for somebody who reads the staff they've made, with a reality. And believe me, that some of them have created a different person in this internet world. A so-called Alter Ego. This made me think.

Who are you my friend? Who are your friends?

Some people claim that they are antisocial, boring, that they've got no opinion about any particular topic, that when they are being asked about something, they usually don't know what to say. And then you visit their internet site, or a forum they've signed in, and it turns out that a person you know live, is a completely different human on the internet. What is his/her real face then? Is it even possible that our imaginary character is entirely dissimilar to what we really are? Because I think that if somebody can change his attitude to life, his behaviour in the internet world he can do it for real. What if, we people, are a thing that prevents us from being a better person, a character we've made on the internet? If we can create our alter ego on blogs or other sites, we cannot lie that we aren't able to be a person like that in a real world. We just cannot.
I know that it's easier to make a change on the internat than to make a change in a real life. But think for a moment, which progress makes you feel fulfilled and happy? Of course, not this fake one, not internet-one. But if you can do it here, you can do it not looking on the scrren of your computer, but living in a real world.

So are you sure that you know who your friends really are like?

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what the optimistic world view. Enviable!
You end school at 29th so you take the matura exam this year. I wish you luck and I keep my fingers crossed!"
Response; Well, thanks. The fact that I take Matura exam in one week is... frightening. But I appreciate your support. ;)

I will link two comments of lodestar
Hi, I've got a question- which subject should you write on Matura exam if you want to study English? (only English, Polish and Maths or sth else?)(...)And, do you know what do you want to do after studies? Work as teacher, translator, go abroad or maybe sth else :>"
For anyone who would like to study English at a good unversity; You need to take English extended. Some schools require both English and Polish extended with basic maths /like Warsaw Univeristy/ and basing on the results they choose students. But the requirements are changing year by year, so you need to keep-up-to-date just by checking their sites. Sometmes it's enough to get 80% of English extended only, and you can sleep calmly, because they will accept you as a student. But if you want to study ad Jagiellonian University, you need to get at least 90%of extended English and about 80-85% of extended Polish. So you need to study anyway. ;)
As for my future after univeristy, well, I will tell you after I get sure that they want me in any university in Poland, okay? :D
As for dreams, I'd like to be a translator. :) Or work in business. :D
Take care. :D :)
Been there, done that. ; ) "It's a wonderful, wonderful life. "
2011-04-26 @ 15:44:54
Pictures. Some pictures make people feel a bit better, some moments are attached to good memories.

Sometimes when you're walking down the street, you see people smiling. Their smile can light up your day, even though it was very gloomy.

When you see an elder couple, holding their hands and walking. Can you feel this hope, that love lasts forever? No matter what these people remain together.

When you wake up, and the sun is shining.

When your friend calls you and announce some very good news.

When somebody tells you you look good.

When you're tired shopping and suddenly you hear a song you're in love with.

When you bump into an old friend you haven't seen for ages, and it turns out that he still remembers you and wants to meet you one day, to talk about all these things that has happened.

Life, actually, can be wonderful. I don't believe that life could be coursed. That only bad things happen all the time. It's just impossible. Somewhere there has to be a spark of light. Why not head for it?

On Friday, 29th April, I'm going to be given a Secondary School Diploma. I've been a student of my /Liceum/ for 3 years, I've gained both good and bad memories, unforgettable, priceless. I've visited many places, done a lot of things. These 3 years have passed with a blink of an eye. And I feel fulfilled, that "I've been there, and done that".

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You're finishing high school/secondary school ;) this year, I will start. It goes so fast, I almost can't believe. Why philogogy - Your passion, or... why exactly this one?
I'm jealuos, You'll have holidays just after the test, and I'll have to go to school next two months... but both have advantages and disadvantages. I'll keep my fingers crossed for You :)

And at the end: answer for the question, first sentence in Your post: yes, it does! It always make me feel so good for a long long time.

Kisses :)

English is the only thing I actually love. There is no other thing that I would like to study. :D
And Matura exam is unfortunately connected with a huge amount of stress, and while holiday many people are working. Anyways I agree, I am lucky that I have such long holiday. :D :))
From a happy day to a happy place.
2011-04-18 @ 21:50:52
I've had a really nice day so far. :) Happiness. It feels extremely good when it touches you, doesn't it?
I'm finishing my secondary school or high school /Just for the record; Secondary school and high school mean 'liceum', but the first one is British English and the second one is American. I keep forgetting it :D./
Today when I came to school I thought that there were only 3 days left, and then... Everything will go its way. I will seat Matura exam /similar to A-levels in UK but not the same/. And after that I will enjoy my holiday. :)) Well, I've chosen extended English and Polish, basic maths. That is all, for a person who wants to study philology it's enough. I need to pass it as good as I can. This is my aim.

It feels strange when you suddenly are not a little kid, and the decisions you make are yours, sooner or later you have to deal with consequences. It also feels strange when a happiness walks by your side all day long, it's a feeling of warm. Another strange thing is finishing school on April.
These things are pleasant. I hope they'll stay this way as long as it's possible.

What pleasant things, that are present in your everyday-life can you think of?

/Previous comments, actually one comment :D and my response/
Chmura wrote:
"I dream to live in Norwegian, near to fiord.."
I guess in Norway you can see some beautiful views especaily by the sea. I don't really know what this place has inside it, that beckons people to visit it. Maybe it's about culture or lifestyle, or a kind of magic prevailing in the air? There must be very cold in winter. But I guess living in a place we've always dreamt of compensates everything.

Cheers. :)
'Hit the road Jack and don't you go back, no more, no more, no more...'
2011-04-14 @ 20:32:15
How many of us have ever thought about going abroad, living far away from our houses, forever? Yes, me too.And I imagine this land, somewhere, not in Poland, I imagine that people there lead a life that's a way better then ours.

Maybe it's all about my passion that I feel to English, but I'd love to live somewhere on the British Isles. I'm in love with the British. Honestly, I'm not good at English language, my marks are not that special, you know, but I'm fond of this language. :D I think that I'd lead there a bit different life. I'd love to try it, someday. I gotta try, I don't want my existence to be shallow. So I want to visit some of these places that I've always dreamt of.

What do you think about people who emigrate? Are you rather patriots or do you feel like a foreigner, who's place is somewhere else?
Quite different post... Where's spring?
2011-04-09 @ 17:54:04
What's wrong with the weather? Have you seen what is happening outside there? I mean, the wind is blowing so rapidly that yesterday I almost thought that some kind of tornado was coming. And it's been a week or so, since it started happening.

Dark clouds have covered the sky, it is raining alternate with hailing, it's not a wind that's blowing, it's a gale.

By what this weather may have been caused?

I hope that it's not about a climate change... I want to have my spring back!
Hi. Meet me and my personal drama.
2011-04-04 @ 15:28:34
Okay, so I know that living a life is not an easy thing. But how much misery there has to be? Is there a limit? Because I'd like to see it one day. I'd like to wake up and know that there's no more tears to cry. So, can anyone assure me of this? Can anyone tell me that all these years I've lived and all these days I cried because of people who constantly hurt me, will end? I keep convincing myself that if a person like me has beed having messed up life, one day it has to end and everything will be okay. I keep convincing myself that the last disaster that has happend was the last and that people who hurt me also have learnt their lesson.

But after a month pass by, or sooner, they do it again. They do something that affects me so deeply that I can't live my life. I don't even want to. You know what I want? I want to disappear, to leave it all behind, just not-to-be. Honestly, I'd love to go sleep and never wake up if this is the life I'm bound to lead.

No lessons learnt for you, no perceptions for you, just me and my personal drama, as usual.
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