I'm a puzzle, you're a puzzle, do you suit this jigsaw called world?
2011-03-30 @ 22:25:45
What if the world is a big jigsaw? Assuming previous sentence is true, where do you think is your place? It's no doubt that many times in our lives we think: 'It's not a place for me', 'I don't feel fine here'. But we've got some time, and with a grain of luck we may find our perfect spot.

But firstly,
we've got to figure out who we are, and what kind of material we're made of. There is a quote that says: 'We are such things as our dreams are made of'. Think it over, what did you dream about last night, week, month? Sometimes we remember particular dreams no matter of time. Scientist say that things which we want to remain hidden, stay in our subconsciousness. We can also find 'there' our undiscovered features, parts of our characters that we don't know yet, and these things appear in our dreams.

When we know what we're made of,
there is one thing that we've got to do. Namely, we've got to search. But this activity cannot become our obsession. Sometimes we've got to 'let it be', 'let it flow' and start walking after life puts us somewhere in a new place.

I feel like a puzzle as well. My journey has begun almost 19 years ago. I hope that one day I'll find my place, maybe I'm heading for the right direction. But we will see.

I don't want to give up. And I hope you won't do it either. :)
How to live right? Do you have any ideas?
2011-03-24 @ 20:20:18
Ask some people what 'life' means to them and you will get a lot of different answers. Life is not universal, for everyone it's unique. How to live right then?

"You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." ~Mae West
What 'right' means to you? For me it's living in peace with yourself. But sometimes we're lost and we don't know what we want. I'm afraid we have to taste many rotten apples from a tree of choices before we figure out what we want our life to look like.

There are some rules that everyone must obey such as, for example; don't kill, don't harm anyone, don't commit crimes etc. But we have aims in our lives, and we want to live for something. Existence without any purposes would be useless. After we set our goals and we start chasing them, we cannot forget not to break down if something won't work out. The lives that we've been given are special, so we need to treat them as something unusual, as time for arises and falls.

So let's start today, but how?
It's a good idea to write down our dreams. Not only big ones, it's better to start with small steps. Every success makes us stronger and every failure as well.
If you're a student focus on things the most important for you, pay the biggest amount of your free time to them. But remember to leave some moments for doing-nothing, for caring only for yourself. Don't plan your whole life, plan only some parts of the day, not all 24-hours, so you will have time if something unexpected occurs to deal with it. And do the same with your life. Be creative. Let yourself fall sometimes, and don't forget that you're a human being, not a machine, not an animal, but thinking, feeling, living creature.

I will not write my tips for people who are mature(who have job, family, who aren't studying), for very obvious reason -> I'm not one of them I don't know what their lives are like. But I am a student and I know when I feel okay and when my mates feel fine. Basing on this I could write today's post. I'm one of you and I want to be happy, to achieve something, to lead a life as I want it to be.

"This is the closest thing to crazyness..."
2011-03-20 @ 09:06:05
Indeed. So, I've come here to announce something. I feel stressed out, and we all know it. I apologize for my posts, for they should be better, I mean I shouldn't complain that much...

Take care people, and relax from time to time. You are the lords of your lives... half, but sometimes half is enough.
Cheers. ;)
"Unbeing dead is not being alive." - E.E.Cummings
2011-03-13 @ 17:58:14
She said: "I remember a time when I used to live..."
It's not a beginning of a fairytale. I don't write these kind of things.
'When you went away I became a hopeless drifter.'
Today's post is about hopelessness and about drifters. For every human being life can be a different thing. There are many kinds of leading a life. Some people consider living as staying in their rooms all the time, reading books, leading a passive life. Some people would like to 'seize the day'. Some people don't really know what makes them happy and what they'd like to do - they are drifters.
When a person becomes a hopeless drifter?
We, human beings, we have our priorities. When a person knows what is important for her and what is not, she walks in the right direction, but... Something happens and pulls her down. By the time passes by, the things that used to make her happy have influence on her no more. People who know her, forget how she looks like smiling. She leaves her way. Every single day seems to be the same as yesterday. Apathy is something that appears in her life. She has no idea what has happened to her. And this person is a hopeless drifter.
I don't know when and how I became one of hopeless drifters. I've seen how my passions walked away; photography, journeys, meetings with friends, learning English. The best thing for me to do is to lock the door and sleep, sleep for days or weeks, or even for months, until this hopelessness will be gone. Unfortunately, I can't do this, still staying here as a hopeless drifter.

Take care.
Tears of salvation.
2011-03-09 @ 20:30:21
No, it's not a film, it's life, what is more, it's Your life.

Today's post will be short.

When you find yourself at the bottom, let the tears fall down, until the end, don't stop them, let them fall, cry as much as you want, cry for everything that has gone wrong in your life, cry for your failures, cry, and don't deny, for once in your life, that you don't need it.

And just remember, that tears aren't a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Sometimes you need them, especially when you've forgotten that you're a human and you can't hold off on expressing your emotion forever, especially these negative.

Cry over yourself, just once, it helps.

These sick games we play.
2011-03-08 @ 19:25:10
Aren't you irritated of these sick games people play sometimes? It wouldn't be as bad as it is if a person didn't play with you. But now you're a victim. And after the play, when the curtain has fallen down, you're left with broken promises, scratched heart, helpless and unsure whether you are ready to stand up. But what if somebody wants to play with you, again?
"And I don't like
illusions - I can't
see them clearly..."
We often put our hope in people who aren't worth it. They give us signs, they promise to do something, and we actually believe in everything they say. We think; 'why not?', 'a chance like that might happen once in a blue moon'. You become involved in a relationship, you make plans and dreams, and one day you're left behind. It turns out that a person played cat and mouse, and you've ended up with nothing except damages.You looked for someone to stand by you and what have you gained? Nothing. What now?
"You don't know me
you don't even care
You don't know me
You don't wear my chains(...)
She says; I think I'll start a new life
where no one knows my name."
You want to leave it all behind. Because you know that you need to move forward. So now, there is a long road right in front of you. Don't forget to take steps forward. And don't forget what you've gained; don't play with the others and be careful, try when it's worth it, and maybe you will win.
Greets.. :)
When you get bored living only for yourself.
2011-03-06 @ 18:48:19
I believe, there are some levels in our lives. To get higher you need to go up the stairs, sometimes very steep, though.
It is very likely that you will get bored living only for yourself. Because, and you have to admit it, you're a human, you've been made to live with somebody. Loneliness irritates you more and more... And one day you find out that you no longer actually like being lonely, being the one without ... love, your love.
Sometimes you take advantage of school and career life, without thinking about relationships. But this time will come, the time when you will feel that you want to love and be loved, NOT because everyone around has someone, but because you feel that you've grown up to feel it. And the feeling will help you, although you might have thought that you wouldn't juggle work with relationship. Sometimes it's your savior that you're constantly refusing... Sometimes it's your tourniquet, a medicine that you need to recover from a disease and start walking forward.

/If I lay here
If I just lay here
would you lie with me
and just forget the world?/
Argh! But I'm still only a human...
2011-03-02 @ 20:52:48
I've read somewhere on the internet a truthful sentence; 'The worst struggles are when your enemy is ... you'
People in a time of the Second World War, they had to fight for freedom, for their rights, and we? We, who live comfortable, we, who don't have to care about what we're going to eat tomorrow, we, who are spoilt children, we have to face ourselves.
Maybe it's because the time that we live in is too calm? Maybe it's because we're so accustomed to problems that we make them up when they don't occur for a long time?

I don't know.

But there is one thing that I am sure of. It's the fact that I'm still falling down.
'And the worst part is
before it gets any better
we're headed for a cliff!'

I am still and only a human. I wish I was something more.
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