There was no love.
2011-12-29 @ 00:19:31
I have broken up with him. The world hasn't stopped spinning. The sun hasn't stopped shining.
What happened?
The life on Earth continued their every-day duties.
It's my little world that has fallen apart. All because of the words that I was fooled by. I believed when he said 'I love you'. But I guess he doesn't know what love is. There was no use of giving him a part of myself. There was no use because he wasn't worth it. All I'm left with is sorrow and pain.

But I'll be fine.
I'll be fine
I'll be fine...

Near the Wall of a House
Yehuda Amichai

Near the wall of a house painted
to look like stone,
I saw visions of God.

A sleepless night that gives others a headache
gave me flowers
opening beautifully inside my brain.

And he who was lost like a dog
will be found like a human being
and brought back home again.

Love is not the last room: there are others after it, the whole length of the corridor that has no end.
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