And You, what would You do for love?
2011-11-05 @ 15:35:23
Women. When we're children, we dream about a prince on the white horse. Then, there comes adolescence and life changes completely. What was our imagination now transforms into reality - the first date, first kiss, first love. Yet, we don't know what is important for us, because life, at that time, is just a big field of research. Day by day we're getting older. Adolescent becomes adult and... what now?

It's not about age. There is no particular point in time when we can say: 'From this moment on, I am adult'. But the process finally starts. We aim high. And suddenly we discover that we have a soft spot in our life - a soft spot for love, for 'the one'.

What would you do for love?
Look how many legends have been made about love, how many films, sayings, tales though nobody could ever define what it really is. We're left with a line from a song: 'It's a kind of magic' but
don't we forget that there should be a border. What and how much can we sacrifice for the person we love? There is no answer no matter how long and where we would look for it. It's we who decide whether we want to be crazy for love or if we don't want to put it on the first place. It's we who have our life in our hands.

So, what would You do for love?

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