A house is not a home.
2011-10-29 @ 12:33:45
From the thoughts of a fledging university student.

We all know such sayings as:
A house is not a home or Home is where the heart is, don't we?

We all know them and we attach them to our lives differently, uniquely.
What can we call 'home'? As a definition of 'a house' is simple - it's just a building.
Home, for me, is a state, not a place. And being there, feeling that I am in the right place at the right time results in a life that makes sense.
The home - my friends, the people who understand me, who share the same interest, who I know I love, this is my home. It's the state in which I feel safe, secure, confident because these people I respect I love are my sinew. And to be a home for somebody seems to be the best award one can accomplish in life.

As for the beginning of a student's life, gosh, it's so hard to find footing for home. The world is different, the people are strangers, the life is up-side-down. And now it's you who should find his place there. Because all surrounding, it is not a thing that fits you. Investigation should have been started on the first day. The faster you find your place in a new world the better life you may make out of your existence.

Take care. :)
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