Some things have to be messed up?
2010-06-16 @ 11:51:23
I guess I had a chance. But I didn't take it. That was a mistake. Is blaming myself a right thing?
I've got stomachache. I haven't gone to school since Monday. And time that we've been having is kind of a deadline. Come on, my marks... I hoped to finish this school year with good grades. It's not my fault that I'm not able to attend my classes, right? But who cares? Teachers? Not at all. I visited a doctor yesterday. She gave me some pills but they're not workiiingg. I have to go to another doctor tomorrow.
'We've got nothing but time on our hands'. But sometimes we do evrything that we can but it's not enough. What then? Is concious that we took any chance that happened satysfying?
Hope to get better soon and hope that you're okay.
Has your life changed since you're 18?
2010-06-14 @ 16:45:42
People asked me about changes. Because some of them think that a person becomes completely different than he was before turning 18. And that's definitely not truth.
What do they think? That wiser opinion is that given by an older guy than that said by for example 17 years old person? No, they should listen to both of them. And think about things they said.
The thing that a person is 18 or older doesn't mean/prove anything. And that's my opinion. :D
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