I think...
2010-05-31 @ 20:03:09
So many times I started to feel okay and every time I thought that it'll last forever. Which of course never happened. Some say that the most important thing is to fight. Don't let anything slip away without the battle. Well, I'm not sure about that.
For now I feel okay, I'm perfectly fine. It's been raining in my town but for me it's sunny. Sometimes I feel that I've got the power. And now I've got one of those moments. I'm smiling, I'm listening to a band that's called "Koniec Świata" and it's perfect :))
Have a nice week. :D
What a dream!
2010-05-30 @ 13:37:17
I've just remembered what I dreamed about. It was soo.... obnoxious! For 11 days I'm turning 18 and... Well let's describe that dream: I was walking and passing by my sister who was holding a bottle of beer in her hand when suddenly I took it back from her... by force.. I drank it and spit it off the sink.
I've never drunk an alcohol before and I'm not going to do this before It'll be allowed.
2010-05-29 @ 12:01:39
Busy time. You wake up and you're glad that it's Saturday. In fact, the list of things that You have to do is not as short as You'd like it to be. Maybe it's a day off from school or work, but not of life. How yours Saturdays look like? You do monotony things? Nothing new? And then ,at the end of the day, you regret that you actually did nothing for yourself?
I have to admit that my Saturdays look similar to that description above. I'll try today to do something about that. Cross your fingers for me. :)
You can never say never...
2010-05-27 @ 20:28:47
I've been listening to a song that's called "You can never say never" - The Fray. Sometimes we like listening to slow, making-us-think-about-sth songs. Often we hear a lyrics and relate it to our lives. Is it a kind of a way to deal with problems? It might be... The same thing is about books, we read them, because we want to get to know us(while we're getting to know different characters we look for some things that relate to us) better. I know, plot can be about anything, even about plants, but while we read a story we're looking for some answers for questions in our heads. We're lost in today's life.
Do things that make us think are good or bad? We should always have a time for reflection, I think... don't we?
It's my first note :)
2010-05-26 @ 19:00:55
I've never tried writing in English before. Writing a blog? Okay! Well, it's part of my world which seems to me to be a way different from normal people's. I'm 17 years old girl. I make mistakes and every time when I do something wrong I think about it all the time, analyze it, think about what went wrong. If you asked my friends about me they'd say that I'm very sensitive, sometimes good sometimes bad. I'd like to share with you all of my inner dilemmas because there are things that I can't deal with and I need someone to help me.
You can be sure that I'll reply all your questions, visit and comment, your site.
I hope it's not serious because I didn't want it to be like that ... xD It supposed to be interesting. :D Hope it is.
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