Respect me vs respect me not = please help. Am I right?
2012-12-03 @ 23:26:30
On sharing a flat with the other student and sharing a room.

Do you share the flat with the others? Or a room with someone else? What I'm driving at is the fact that there is a list of rules we have to obey, even though no one has ever written them down, isn't it? So when sharing a room in one flat we are aware, more or less, of what to do and what is unacceptable.

Just imagine. You share a room with a person who doesn't clear up. What do you do then? You try to talk and sort it out, you try to be patient and understand that your roommate might not necessarily see a problem in the issue as a whole. And after you do that, it occurs to him/her that he/she has to respect you, as you respect him/her.

Okay, but what if after some short period of time the situation reoccurs?
Do you try to apply the method of repeating until a person gets it? Or do you have your own way of solving this kind of problems?

After all, it all comes down to respecting each others. We tend to think, perhaps too naively, that the person with whom we compare the room will pay us back. So if we try, them try. If we clean, they clean. If we are try to be as quiet as possible while they're learning or sleeping they will do the same for us in turn.

But what if they don't?
What if one day this whole respecting-thing stops? What method would you choose to apply?

Because You see, I do respect the others, I do respect them as much as I can. And I'm not paid back. Or at least I stopped being respected.

And I don't like this sick atmosphere of talking behind my back, and I'm not strong enough to argue, what for? If I can't come to an agreement peacefully, what is the purpose in shouting and being angry? I'd rather move out.
What do You think ?

A graduate
Let's ask a question, is it the matter of her habits or her lack of respect for you?
It might be hard to "teach an old dog new tricks", however, if you both make your rules clear there exists a chance to obey them. Tell her explicitly how to respect you.

If you see that sb doesn't care about your collective rules I would rather start thinking of moving out or seeking a new roommate and not lose my energy in order to change her habits.

Nice blog, nice English writing and interesting topic! :)

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