What's eating You?
2012-12-02 @ 23:20:53
Sometimes all we need is a walk in the park. Is it funny? Is it funny that we tend to have such funny cravings?

Usually the majority of us is greed afflicted, if I may say so. The more we have, the more we want. And if we can't get what we want we become more and more frustrated, fatigued, vulnerable to all of the external factors.

It's easy to get lost in our cravings, isn't it?

All of us suffer from it. I don't think there are exceptions, to be honest.

In a relationship,
too often we are unsatisfied with the one we're with. Time passes and we become more likely to perceive the beauty of the partner through the prism of the flaws. We expect more, at the same time forgetting that we don't give that much either.

In a career,
Oh, how many of us wants to achieve more and more. And it's good. It's good if we want to develop ourselves and we invest in our future. The thing is, too often we pay in our health, in our life, in our dreams of a different kind.

The more we have the more we want.

Although it might not be seen at first glance, we are greedy creatures. Isn't it the name of the worm who's eating you inside?


We hurt the ones we love because we are dissatisfied with ourselves.
Because instead focusing on ourselves we look at the people who are better than us, and we compare ourselves with them.

But let's face it, and maybe there's gonna be a hope for us.

We can't gain the world.

But we still can, step by step appreciate the things we have, try to see the good in the others, forget and forgive, and breath, breathe in the life that is a gift.

Achieve, be successful, but measure success not by your wealth but by your happiness and satisfaction.

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