Constraints. In the name of...?
2012-11-26 @ 00:06:08
In the name of... what?

There's no time.
The clock is ticking.
There's no time.

Rush, rush, rush.

There's no time nowadays
for love, for eating in peace, for relaxing, for doing something for yourself. We've become prisoners of goods, of artificial welfare, prisoners of ourselves. The society - those who are present in our lives every day, impose on us rules. Their expectations, our expectations, all the expectations mix altogether. 'Behave yourself' you scold yourself. 'What will the others think?' - the question that appears in our minds too often.

All the imposed rules on ourselves, all the constraints of every-day, all of the thoughts of the things that remain to be done, all of that surrounds us, because we let it be present in our lives.
And ALL of that in the name of what?

What makes us behave in this way? Day by day we become deprived of our individuality.
And ALL of that in the name of what?

Maybe we should
give ourselves 10 minutes a day.
Maybe we should use this time thinking about nothing at all, clearing all the mind from the thoughts? It's no that easy after all. 10 minutes thinking about nothing at all, turning down the voice of reason in your head, the voice of 'here and now' even, finding yourself in a total silence of nothingness.

And in the nothingness we shall see. And slow down.

In the name of life.
Our life we shall slow down.

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