~ to my friend ~
2012-10-14 @ 19:30:22
you were my friend
I loved you so much
that it almost hurt

I could call you
whenever I wanted
even if you weren't there

and then it fell
then you went away

why the time
is so heartless
why the fate
must always do the worst

you were so young
your life had just begun
but it seems
that you weren't to live it

you had to go

because when the end
gives you its hand
you couldn't say no
my friend
~ my Angel ~
2012-10-14 @ 00:37:17
I see you
my Angel
in my dreams

I hear your voice
when you touch my skin

tell me
why are you even there
why are you so mine

you know it hurts
your being here
the softness of your wings
and the light in your eyes

you are so beautiful
and so good

I am not a good person
my Angel
you are wasting your time
if you want to salvage me
I am doomed yet

so stop looking at me
with your sad bright eyes
and let me fall

or fall with me
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