Future, university and... friends
2013-10-11 @ 15:52:32
Hello! Oh My Gosh, I haven't been here for so long. Today I want to tell about my future plans. Beceause future start so fast...
This year I'm gonna have final exams and then I can choose where I want to go. I;m pretty sure I'm going to I High School. People are quite nice and also teachers. ;)
After these three years in high school I will have
to choose university. I already did. BYU- Birgham Young University in USA.
The only thing I have to o right now is:
- work on grades
- learn English
- watch tv series :P
2013-02-12 @ 23:15:31
Today was very busy.
First of all I finally started to exercise. (I'm proud of myself :P).
I think I love sport. So I'll spend this Valentine Day... excerising at home!
Well, I hope this winter break will be fun! :)
Plans for... New year's Eve?
2012-12-26 @ 09:10:48
Hi guys.
Agh... I love Christmas but from the other hand I hate winter... I'm ill and I cannot go anywhere.
I stuck in home next to PC. AWESOME!
I though I'll meet my friends.
Monday... Why?
2012-11-05 @ 21:20:57
Today's situation is sick and crazy...
Ok, whatever. I think I still don't know my friends... or maybe they don't know me?
I'm so confused. I have no idea what to do.
Especially... WHAT TO SAY...
Oh my goodness.
God, please, give me Friday... :)
First post.
2012-11-04 @ 21:30:58
My name is Ann.
This is my first blog so in the beggining it might be a little boring but later will be more interesting. :)
I'm going to Zakopane this Friday. Yay! I just can't wait!
Ok, I have to go now.

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