Holiday ;)
2015-07-26 @ 20:32:21
In July I was on praxis in company. It was cool! In September I'm starting learn english in english-club and it's time for job! I'm waiting for results :)
Break :)
2015-06-19 @ 09:28:01
Waiting for results! Have a nice day :D
2015-06-13 @ 19:27:21
Every time if I want to do something for myself, I was left alone. I have made a life decision and I lost friends because they did not like it. Again. I've had enough. I'm sad.
2015-05-27 @ 12:14:35
I conclude that at the university is too much stupid students who have too much luck. "I'm studying because my mother ordered me" - that is their opinion. This is hopeless. I hate these people.
so much English!
2015-05-08 @ 15:13:10
I have lessons with professor of Canada, this lessons are great! Last I started to watch and I thought that is childish. Now I like very much this movie :D
Change :)
2015-04-04 @ 10:01:37
I decided yesterday that it's time for new activations! I want run with my friend, change something in my life. I want to be more positive! Have a nice day!

At home
2015-03-14 @ 11:36:34
Weekend! I'm at home. I arrived to my parents yesterday. I have a rest. Last week was very grueling. I must create company on the lesson at the University. I must invent what I want to produce. This product must be complex, standard and exclusive - at the same time. I have no idea. I thought about wallet, lamp and mattress. You have any ideas? ;)
2015-03-08 @ 15:17:05
I was on the party yesterday. That was party in the middle of studying. It was fantastic! I danced with Kacper a lot! Today I'm tired but I'm very very happy! :D
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