2010-05-09 @ 14:18:57

Today I was frist driving a car :D It was great! I haven't ran into a tree:D Car has any little crack:)
A few days off
2010-05-06 @ 12:01:09
Cause now are exam for secondary school certificate, I have a few days off. On last Saturday I have been with my family at the see. I made many nice photos:)
Now I'm at home and everyday I could sleep long and watch tv and for the time I must not learn. It's very beautiful feeling;]
Happy Easter! ;*
2010-04-04 @ 22:14:01
By chance
2010-03-27 @ 22:29:01
I am often listening to the music of shakira lately. And a found by chance very beautiful song. It's name something.There it is:

I liked its lyrics very much. They are very real:)
2010-03-27 @ 22:05:58
Yesterday was my birthday :) I was thinking that everybody forget about me and nobody will send me wishes. Luckily it wasn't so. At 12 pm came my friend and sang me birthday song. It was very nice:) Then when I woke up my mom rang and wished me beautiful greetings. When I went to school my girls sang for me^^ That was great day although i haven't done a party.
ble ble ble :d
2010-02-27 @ 19:36:52
So we have Saturday. Unfortunately I'm not meeting with my with me friends and not going for a party. Today I sit at home and learn history ;o I get unsatisfactory in the test and I must correct it. Tomorrow I'm going with my friend to watch dance show. I wasn't sure to go but now I'm happy that I will be there. :)
2010-02-19 @ 21:27:32
Hurray! The thaw is setting in! I feel spring :D Bird twitter, snow disappear and the sun emerge from behind the clouds. Now I am satisfied ;]
2010-02-13 @ 17:07:28
I don't like Valentine cause suddenly all people remind that we must take care of our second halves. When people love someone, I think they should buy chocolates and flowers and doing special things everyday of year. It's sad that one day after Valentine everybody forget about theirs darlings.
Maybe it's better that I'm single I don't feel remorse;)
And what is your opinion?

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