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2011-05-07 @ 22:11:02
One holiday, when I was 13, I was going home with my family after a holiday. We had a car accident. I had broken arm and ribs, but I recovered quickly. But I was the lucky one. Since an accident my mum is on a wheelchair, my brother has to walk on crutches, my sister is really ill and my another brother couldn’t remember any new information because of a brain damage or a terrible shock.
But that was nothing in the face of events a year later. Another accident happened and let’s say I was lucky again. I lost my dad and little brother. I spent 6 months in a hospital with broken arm (again) and completely shattered leg. After 4 months I started walking. Slowly. Really slowly. It was a hard work for me. It is still a hard work. I have partly paralyzed arm and I’m limping. Sometimes I still need a crutch, and maybe I will never be able to live on my own. So I have to say it: I’m disabled.

Nice story. Keep it up.
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