Bad news
2010-03-01 @ 21:21:13
Few days ago I read some bad information for every Paramore's fan from Poland. Band won't come to us to Poland. They won't play their show here. Why? They are not intrested. It sucks.
But I still love them. I won't stop loving them ;)
But now I want to make your mood become better. By what? By Paramore, of course ;)
Look at this video, Paramore are thanking us for voting at them at NME contest. They have won prize for best international band. Nice, right?
End of something good
2010-02-27 @ 14:17:15
Today something very good has ended. Gosh, I'm so sad because of that. The best polish blogger who were writing about Paramore decided to stop writing. You have one last chance to read what he wrote. Just go and check his blog. Link is on the left "Paramore fan site (PL)". This is your last chance!
"The Only Exception" and more
2010-02-23 @ 21:08:36
Hey ppl. At first I want to say something about "The Only Exception"vid. For me it sucks. Story is pretty good, song is beautiful, but I don't like Hayley's look. Especially in parts when she lies on that whole Valentine's Day cards.
Her look scares me. Like she is trying to drill you with her eyes. But just check it out here.
And second part of this post. Complaining. Everything breaks down in my hands. My cell phone, my computer, even my glasses. Gosh, it sucks. What can I do? Just trying to wait until it end. What else I will destroy? Sometimes I'm really scary to touch something what is doesn't mine. Gosh I suck.
To much suck in this post. Sorry.
This Wednesday!
2010-02-14 @ 20:12:52
Finally! We know when we will see new Paramore's video! As I said few days ago it will be "The Only Exception" and we will see it 17 Feb,2010. Three days of waiting, not more, not less, only or till three days! But we will make it. We are really patient. We will wait. Because the prize of this contest: it's huge and for everyone!:)
Now, to make your waiting sweeter than now I'll show you cover of single. Look and enjoy!
Still waiting
2010-02-11 @ 18:20:12
Paramore has choosen their third single from Brand New Eyes. Gosh. I'm so excited! Because they chose one of my favourites songs. This in which Hayley's voice is like an angel's. Gosh, I know. I compare her to the angels too often. But what can I do? She is for me like my angel which is leading me through my life.I just love her and Paramore. And love just happen to us love doesn't choose who we can love. And that's not bad, not at all.
But, lets come back to that whole single stuff. Third single from Brand New Eyes will be "The Only Exception". The sweetest song about love ever.

"And that was the day I promised
Id never sing of love
If it does not exist
But darlin,
You, are, the only exception"

Isn't that just gorgeous?! You just want to sing it to your beloved. And imagine that he is singing it back to you. Great way for spending your Valentine's Day.
I'm still waiting for new Paramore's video. I know this is gonna be as great as the rest. Or maybe even better than it. We will see. But now we can only wait. We are still waiting.
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