I need to sleep!
2014-10-28 @ 07:30:54
I'm so so sleepy... My daughter woke up today at 6 am. This is really bad hour to wake up if you like to sleep. Now, she's sitting on her chair and play a plush ball. I'm dreaming about bed. But what can I do? This is mother life. See you later.
Testing one, testing one! :)
2014-10-27 @ 09:52:34
Hi :) This is my second blog. The first one I have is on "blog.pl" server. I shere on this blog my experiences about being mom :) Yes, I have daughter, she has 6 month and I love her a lot :) Because time is running, I know that since new year I had to go to work. So the english blog is great place to learn this language! I don't have many problems with speaking, but I know that I make some grammar mistakes. So please everyone, comment my posts and correct my mistakes. Greetings! :)
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