coming back to reality;)
2012-10-03 @ 13:04:36
I am not a freshman but the beginnig of new year (university year) is giving me the creeps..;)Today it was the third day in the university but i feel I'm going crazy with the new plan,duties..Like always, I am planning to be more organized but like always- you know;) i'm so afraid of this new university year because i'll be doing my engineer degree. I also have signed up for Eng course, I had first lesson on Monday.It is my first Eng course I've ever had but I know thhat is the last chance to improve sth in my Eng skills. We will see-I always repeat it myself lke a mantra. Coming back to hard duties after the lazy holiday time is so "cruel";)

I definitely know what you mean! I just love making plans to be more organized, plan what I should do at once to have more free time and then I do most things for last moment because, it's weird, but I haven't enough time ;)

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