yeah,i'm living in irleand
2007-04-03 @ 06:51:13
i like this country but not that much like poland of curse!
and one more thing
2007-04-01 @ 08:23:37
if you are already here and you rideing my blog just say something, live me some massage! come on! you can do it!
2007-04-01 @ 07:58:22
oh i'm so tired! today was so buzy at work! i'm bartender in very nice club:) and i realy enjoy working there:D funy thing- a lot of people here speak rely bad english, for example world "ice" -we say "ajs" but they say "ojs" or "white" we say "łajt" they say "łojt" or "fuck" we say "fak" they say "fok" ...of curse not everybody!!! thanks God!!!
2007-03-31 @ 19:17:42
wow! i'm in shock!! 16 person saw this blog:)
hallo everybody!
2007-03-29 @ 03:59:40
enjoy learn english! this is very satisfaction when you meet some person from difrent cuntry and you can speak with him about everything! my english is not realy good,is actually baaaaaaaad!:)
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