Hello ;D
2013-01-17 @ 19:30:55
hyhy ;d Hi everyone :D I started my winter holiday :) Yeah ! I love it <3
I have better english, I thing ;d
But I have need still practise ;/
Tomorrow I didn't go to school, because I want it ;p
Yey :)
That's all .
Bye :)
hello my worms <3 in joke of course :D
2012-09-22 @ 10:23:52
We have a weekend yuppie :D This week is lucky for me , I have a five on english in school ;d I'm very happy . My english is some better but I will practice :D muhaha . I know I'm crazy :3. Today I must learn table on a english .
It is all .
Bye my sweet hearts<3 xd
hi ;-)
2012-09-02 @ 14:14:22
Ehhh. I doesn't have time to write :[
Don't matter .
Tomorrow I go to school :> nooooo ¡¡¡ help me xD
It's joke of course :D My friend from school is Julia.
Julia is very funny :-).
I am writing from the phone ;p
Bye :-*
; )
2012-07-23 @ 12:12:50
Hi : )
Last I don't write in a blog .
Sorry ;P
I try writing :D
Soo , tomorrow I make cakes with berry :3
My friends go to me on tea and cakes ; )
The last week was bored and sad .
But already it is okey ! ; )
On evening I ride on the bike :)
I noticed that my english is some better,but I still have big problems.
This is all ; )
Bye :*

Usual day.
2012-07-20 @ 20:06:22
Hi .
This day is boring.
I planned riding on scooter but it is broken ; (
Generally nothing interesting.
Bye :*
Melancholy day ...
2012-07-18 @ 22:13:04
Hi .
Achhh. This day is depressing for me ; (
Today I was at the cemetery.
I some sad , and i have bad mood.
Never mind .
I think that tomorrow will is better. :)
Anyway I have a hope.
I always have a HOPE.
I know ...
I am a writing stupid Post -_-'
Sorry for transmission negative energy ;/

Bye .
First Blog Post ; )
2012-07-14 @ 13:57:12
Hi !
Nice to be in yours group : )
So,I'm Agata ;p
I know my english is very poor ;(
I need learn english on holiday...
Because my degrees with english in school is bad...
I have a problem with "english times",for example Present Simple :(.
This is very , very hard for me.

I have a hope that blog help me learn english :)
Tomorrow I'll write about my day ; )
PS.-Haha, I use a lot ---> : )
I'm sorry for my errors ! My english is distorted .xD

Bye :*
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