Golden hamster...
2010-04-19 @ 20:28:26
It is popular brand of the hamster. An Asia Minor is his homeland, where is inhabiting desert terrains and semidesert. He can be a pet of both small children, and adults. It is necessary however to think so that the child doesn't press the animal too firmly, because then out of fear or from pain he can bite. He is a very nice and communicative animal, easily he is accustoming himself, he/she isn't hiding out from people and he recognizes his carer. The average length is him about 15 - 20 cm, in addition females are bigger than males. On average they live from 2 up to 2.5 year. However he is happening, that at the good care they are living 3 - of 4 years. A few colourful varieties of this hamster are appearing, but most popular it is a beige, cream-coloured, brown and golden colour.
Cats of the British race
2010-04-11 @ 12:32:06 perfectly created for living with the family of professionally active, having or planning people are cats of the British race . Generally they are lazyboneses and they don't feel the clear need of vacating the house. Through the majority of the time they are sleeping, and their typical activity is limiting itself to about 4 - 5 hours per day, divided into the two-hour wounded and evening activity.
Very much they like games, but they aren't extorting them. They are loving stroking, in addition they not absolutely like to be held on hands. They aren't having a tendency to destroying furniture or knocking objects over. If we will provide them good worn-out brush we should not be afraid that they will be wiping the three-pronged cultivator off against furniture or walls. Generally they are these are animals "unattended" since alone they are caring about the cleanness of their fur coats and willingly they are using the tray. Our the "service" is limiting itself only to cleaning the tray and caring about full bowls with feed and water.
Pig also a favourite;)
2010-03-22 @ 21:10:22
„ Dogs are looking at us with the respect, cats with the contempt, and pigs for equal of oneself ”.
What is miniature beautiful. Pigs also!! In Great Britain a fashion came on mikropigs. The animal is reaching lengths to a maximum up to 35 cm. Right after giving birth to the little piggy they are weighing over 200 grams little and with size barely are equaling the mug from the tea. They are achieving the maturity in the century of two years. They are weighing then from 20 up to 30 kg. They live up to 18 years. Miniature piggies are a crossword of Vietnamese mumps still gorging oneself and PS lazy, New Zealand kuri kuri, of English breed of Gloucester Old pigs the Spot and Tamworth. Although are micro titanic prices are reaching it – one animal can cost even 700 pounds.

Mikropigs are surprisingly quiet, clean and little requiring, but first of all they are very friendly, they are reacting also to their name. It isn't necessary to lead them to the walk, since easily they are learning using the tray what should not surprise – a pig is the fourth most intelligent species of mammals in world, after the man, the monkey and the dauphin. This perfect home animal is rarely ill and he is an also wonderful solution for allergic persons to the fur of dogs or cats.
Akita American
2010-03-22 @ 20:56:19
Akita American, before known as the big Japanese dog, it is one of dog breeds, belonging to the group of tips and primaeval dogs, categorised to the chapter of the advance guard Asian and of similar races. She is coming from Japanese akit, exported after the II world war to the USA. at the beginning of the 20th century will name akita in Japan 2 types of dogs were determined:
* Matagi Akita - slightly changed primitive hunting dog,
* Akita for contests - crossword bred for the purposes of fights of dogs of Matagi Inu and races mainly shar peie.

Quiet, and at the same time vigilant dog.
Long-maned sloth;)
2010-03-15 @ 21:15:10
Long-maned sloth (Bradypus torquatus), called also a Brazilian sloth – species of the mammal from the family leniwcowatych (Bradypodidae). He has the long, though quite massive body, the reduced tail and small eyes and ears. Weight of the about 5 kg. From remaining three-toed loungers he differs relatively in uniform grey-brown colouration. A long, dark hair to which he owes the Polish and Latin name of a species is covering the back of the head (łac. torquatus = decorated with the necklace). The mane is falling on shoulders. Ob River sex practically don't differ in the external appearance. Long-maned sloth, similarly to other three-toed sloths, has the 9 cervical vertebrae. It is worthwhile reminding, that majority of mammals, (also giraffe) has only the 7 cervical vertebrae. The long neck lets loungers turn the head even about 270 °.
Haha;) some foto:
Do you know what's that?;)
2010-03-15 @ 20:26:33
Whales are the biggest animals and mammals on the Earth. For of centuries fished for the meat, but first of all for fat and spermaceti. Name the "Whale" is remains from times, when whale were regarded as gigantic fish.Out of that outside resemblance to gigantic fish (look, whale shark), they are mammals and they have most important for ages stimulated their distinguishing features. Whales imagination many enormous sizes aroused people.Ich fear and provoked for spinning many stories, but notable benefits, hunting on no, pushed people on murrain, often into completely strange areas, in sought of desirable goods: of ambergris, oil, spermaceti and train oil.
Chinchillas for becoming fond of – rodent
2010-03-01 @ 22:26:21
Chinchillas it thankful creation, it are not said many about which far too. But damage. They do not require oversized care, but they are exclusively beautiful on background of other rodent. They do not absorb notes of trustees that cat so many or dog, but when owner will devote only time memorial their a bit, they are eager fun. They belong to night animals, therefore, they sleep to day after evening fun. Persons can be glad from morning for afternoon due to it active mode of life working . Chinchillas quietly sustain several day departures of owners, if proper stockpile of food will assure only memorial, waters and for bath fleck of dust.
Singing favourite Serialny canaria
2010-03-01 @ 22:17:45
It cause nicest be song adding reassurance creation time their owner Serinus canaria, but from time to time also neighbors . With certitude cultivating solitary male, we can expect yearlong vocal shows, often loud enough, that presents even if adorable Serialny canaria. Parks on holding in house deciding, we have been presented rarest musical comedies, in periods more intensive when they are connected to couples Serinus canaria and they approach for rozrodu. In order to our Serinus canaria it will not be bored from shopping for several weeks - singing favourite, it is proper to test reliability on sounds presented by exotic birds.

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