2011-03-16 @ 10:26:39
The cold, froozy winter has finished, finally it,s a spring:) Birds are ariveing to Poland, flowers are becaming colourful. We can wear "light: jackets, T-shirts and trainars. Girls can wear short skirts, or dresses. Sun shines every day. Sky is blue with whites cloudes, simply it's beautiful. We are going to camping, or sightseeing. Spring it,s time for men, bacause women wear shorter clothes than in winter and men like it. At the weekends we can ride a bicykle, rollerblading, go for a picinc, or fishing. All around us is green and colourful. Fruit and vegetable are ripenning. In a garden we can make bonfires, or grill party. Spring is also time for a love.Everything comes to live;)
My world :)
2011-02-02 @ 10:33:50
Hi! I'm Agata. I'm 15. I like rock. I like the most Lady Pank. I want to play the guitar.
Hi I'm Paulina and I'm 15 yeras old. I love guys and like rock music.
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