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2015-11-26 @ 17:38:19
The letters to M1 is a romantic comedy with a great cast.It's set in a big city during Christmas.The film was directed by Mitja Okorn.Maciej Sthur plays the part of Mikołaj Konieczny,Roma Gąsiorska as Doris,Tomasz Karolak stars as Melchior,and other actors are:Agnieszka Dygant,Piotr Adamczyk,Agnieszka Wagner,Wojciech Malajkat,Katarzyna Zielińska and Jakub Jankiewicz.
Five women and five men found love at Christmas time.They meet together and their destinies are common and they found true love.There are lots of funny jockes and the heroes are diffrent people who has various characters.
This film is interesting,funny and has a moral.It shous us that Christmas time is very special where the family and love are the most important.

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