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My true name is Madeline (but actually I rader call myself Anastazja).
I live on Earth since the 19th day of October 1992.
You can conclude that I'm 15,5 years old. Yeah,''the clock ticks life away'' so fastly. But I don't bother.I don't care...

English is my love. Well, I do make a lot of mistakes, but anyway. I'm mad about this language and the capital city of GB. I have been in London twice and I decided that I am definitely going to study and live in England.

Let's pass along this topic and skip into the point of this post.

I am deep-thinking person with huge aspirations, dreams and purposes. Once I decide something, I must reach destination.
But Im also a kind of person that likes changing less important plans fot following days.
Nowadays I feel very unhappy. I feel I'm being ignored and forsaken by everyone.
I'm still searching for aims for the future.
Lately I'm afraid of the next days. About new school and everything... But well- this isn't a pace to write about my confuson and sarrow.
I think that's all for now.

If you are interested of something just let me know - I will answer with pleasure.
-comment or e-mail

Oh, and that is my foto:


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