What is it dream?
2007-08-11 @ 18:31:40
Tkank you very much for your comments!! I was not expecting that so many people will comment my blog. Last time I try to answere to myself, what is it dream. SHEEP you are right!!! I live in the city so I would like to live in the village, but If I'd live in the village I'd want to live in the city.... I tryed to play in LOTTO and ....noting:( And so thrue I would like to be happy....Now I go on the "Garden party" with my friends and my boyfrend to my allotment. We will drink bear, wine to eat sausages and chikens. I intend to have a good time! Unfortunately toomorow I have to go to the job:(
house from my dream....
2007-08-08 @ 18:21:35
Two hours ago I came back from village, which is near of my city. I was there with my parents, because We wanted to watch home of my dream. There is wonderful: near of wood,meadow and brook. I would like have home in the village!!! It is my big dream. Unfortunately this is not so easy like I thought. This house is very cheap, but We don't have such big money and my father doesn't get credit, because he is 59 years old so....he's too old.
2007-08-07 @ 17:26:30
I am in home, because I dont have to be in job:)At Sunday We ( me and my boyfrend) were in Wroclaw. We visited Zoo and gallery- unfortunately I bought nothink but all the same it was wonderful day. After I am going to go to the pub with my friends. I feel like a big beer.
Thanks for your comments.
First time....
2007-08-03 @ 14:28:16
I have free day. I don't have to go to job and I 'm boring in home. I think that writing blog in other language it is grate idea. I hope that it help me in train my english.
Last time I am full of remorse that I don't learn some languages.
I decided to change it...
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