2007-08-26 @ 12:17:54
I met my new girfriend 3 weeks ago. I love her.
It is wonderful ;) ;D
So I think that I write something in my English blog.
Soon the sql starts again and I must study English. I should try to write in English something and read English sites.
I see that there are new people and the same as erler: Isabelitka, Asiunia.
I think that when the school starts I will write mmore there.
Now I have no time to do it that.
Thanks my brother I can write more because he says me new words in English.
So good day everyone.
http://www.enjoyfrance.com/images/stories/world/entertainment/Snoop_Dogg.jpgMy favourite singer is Snoop Dogg.
AAA ash wow
2007-08-08 @ 08:14:20
Hello everyone. I write down something.
Yesterday I was in Gdańsk and I was swimming in the seaside. It was great day because then I went to disco. I met some people who are from gdańsk. Nice plasure. Today I am going to eat out and go to the cineam to Harry Poter. I don't like this stories but my girlfriend wants to go.
a lot of smiles for you
bye :* :)))
2007-07-31 @ 20:14:00
Today is again nothing special. I feel that I don't like write this blog. I am very lazy:P I suspend this blog maybe. See ya. Bye
ELo -Hello!!!!!
2007-07-30 @ 19:38:16
My second post today. YYY nothing interesting in my life. Maybe something will happen soon. Today was norlmal. I met my friend-Michał and go to city centre. Oh nothing special. Thanks Isabelitka and Asiunia for comments. See you later. Bye Bye :-) :))
My new blog and me.
2007-07-30 @ 11:55:15
Hi It is my first blog and first English blog. I don't write in ENglish very good but I tried to tell you about my life. http://www.mojageneracja.pl/3657243/avatar/big/0
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