Freezin... hot? w0t?!
2007-06-09 @ 18:10:24
[listening: Lies for the liars- The Used -> cause I'm furious now..]

My grandma's just gone. I was just bitting my hand not to tell her some bad words. I hate when she's telling me what to do, how to do and I'm always ending up as a useless, lazy girl, who can't do anything right. She is ALWAYS right. Her right is the one and the only. Pitiful.

After this nasty situation (which in fact takes place everyday), I came to a conclusion, that I don't want to be old. The elderly is so horrible. I'm afraid to death of all of those faces with bunch of wrinkles, incapacity to move properly, and sicknesses which old people have to face. It makes me sick anytime I think. I don't want to be old, I wish I wouldn't be ;-)

Recently I've realized that I do need him so much.
It's so fuckin' amazing that he feels the same, what's more, he feels it more than I do. I remember the times when I wanted all of these things I have now, and today- don't care about them at all.
I hope that everything I'm aware of now, I will be appreciating.
First beginning
2007-06-05 @ 20:42:30
Well, I don't exactly know why I'm writing here and what for, I suppose I just wanted to improve my language skills which are recently going more and more worse.
I don't feel like describing my whole day, what I've eaten and so on. If I come back here, I'd just write about my reflections which I have many these days.
I count on your comments, pointing my mistakes etc. I think that's now enough for an introduction, hope someone will read it :-)
Take care,
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